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 My name is John, I and a friend of mine once spent about 30k

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My name is John, I and a friend of mine once spent about 30k Empty
PostSubject: My name is John, I and a friend of mine once spent about 30k   My name is John, I and a friend of mine once spent about 30k Icon_minitimeSat Aug 11, 2007 8:40 pm

My name is John, I and a friend of mine once spent about N30,000 just to show off in the face of two girls.
It all started like this, our school is on strike and so me and my partner in crime was at home in our fathers house. Every blessed day, what we discuss is how we can enjoy life at home before the strike is over.
It was on a Friday, my friend called me and he told me that we can take a trip to ogun state to go an visit two poly girls. The plan was on and the day for us to set off came rolling in. I had N15,000 on me likewise my friend. Our dream was to do every other thing men do around women with the this chicks. All was working well as we had informed the girls about our coming but we were going to rent an hotel.

On getting there, we got a room for N10,000 @ labisi hotel which I paid for. we were still preparing grounds on which we will operate. Then my friend brought two bottle of irish cream wine which cost about N5,000 .What are we to loose why should we care about our spending when we collect what we spend here and there from our family...there were many things we can lie on.

Then I told my friend, Xbaba I need to smoothing myself up with two bottles of extra-smooth...Cost N400 hotel price. We got down to the girls room which was nothing to write home about discs-organized. My friend introduced me to them ,we chatted and we told them that we are just landed.
Then, my friend tapped me saying John we didn't buy this girls anything and then we told them that we are coming and we headed straight to a super-mart. I wanted to buy them things like wine , cream crackers and its like but my friend told me, I know this girls well lets buy them things like Peak milk, Milo, semovita, toothpaste, and so on. My friend spend money without respect for it and that was a big problem. He will abuse me whenever I tell him we are spending too much. To cut it short, we spent about N3,500 on that.
I said to myself, as long as I am able do some press up tonight no lost.
Nothing they friend said to me. We got back to the there house and they were so so happy when they saw all the things we brought for them.
One of the girls then told us ...wont you take off your shirt, the heat in this room is too much. A smile break on my inner face plan was going on has planned. My friend stepped on me and I understand he was thinking the same way just as me.
To cut it short, we told the girls that we had gotten a room were we plan to pass the night. Then my friend said to them, Girls we will like to take you out. There was no other place than Mr. Biggs Or tantalizer. And so we set off on getting there, there was no more space. My friend gave me a sign that plan is working as set.
My friend ordered for fried rice and chicken plus lots of additions at the end,
he had spent about N3,500 we had already spent about N1,800 on transportation.
And so we head to our hotel room. On getting there this girls were totally surprised and they begged us that they will like to pass the night in in the hotel.
Four of us inside one hotel room well the mattress is 6 by 6.
My friend called me out side and he informed me that he had lost N5,000 and I shouted haaaa... how did it happened. I don't know if he was lying but the real fact is that we are now left with N800 . We got back in the room and we had no choice than to smile. The amount left with me can still take us back home. The girls had already started eating and drinking the stuffs. Then my friend told me john, we are taking this two irish wine back to Lagos o, we cant waste it here I agreed totally with him. Channel o was pumping and the girls were dancing.
Then my friend started moving close to one of the girls in a romantic way but she didn't give him chances. I was just looking was already dark and the feeling of sex was getting high and high. So I move closer to the other girl and I started toasting her to cut it short. She agreed but that is not part of our plan.

Things went on and on the girls were just catching their own fun then I checked out....OH GOD, WHAT AS XBABA GOT ME INTO I HAVE SPENT ABOUT N14,000 WONT I PRESS UP TONIGHT.
Before I knew it, my friend joined me outside and we went down to the hotel bar.

We chat on and on and time was clicking non stop]

Me : xbaba wetin dey happen

Xbaba: me self I am confused o, this girls are not
cooperating abi our money don burn.

Me : never we must to find a way of doing it.

Xbaba : why are we too soft cant we behave like tolu and
that his friend that will rape the two girls if they
were in our shoes.

Me : we cant do that now this is an hotel and I wont
want us to derep our self.

Xbaba : Okay so we should be looking at them and no
torching right.

Me : Ha no be like that we just need a good plan and
we cant drug them the time for that has passed.
let us use one of the irish wine to intoxicate
them. How about that.

Xbaba : We can open yours ... How about we do that
and they just sleep off .

Me : Then we will unbutton them and fuck them hard
and by the time they wake up, they wont be able to
resist it anymore.

Xbaba : You are not serious ..... stupid plan

Me : Okay what do you think.

Xbaba : I think we should go up and chase them off.

Me : I agree with you my guy lets go.

Unknown to us, there was a lady at our back. She couldn't hold it anymore that she had to take off so as to go and laugh.

We got back to our room and found out that the two girls were already sleeping. Before I new it, my friend unbuttoned is shirt, I was thinking in me, it is time to turn bad but to my surprise, he laid down on the rug and told me, john this is were I will sleep tonight .
I had no choice so I joined him on the floor.
Then one of the girls invited us to the bed. The two girls part and I slept in their middle. while my friend laid beside the other girl.
We got back to Lagos the other day feeling as if we just came back from MARS.

I woke up so as to ease myself in the toilet, you wont believe this,
one of the girls came over and told me I am not picking her sign so
she came to me it was HELL!!! in that toilet for about 25mins.
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My name is John, I and a friend of mine once spent about 30k Empty
PostSubject: Re: My name is John, I and a friend of mine once spent about 30k   My name is John, I and a friend of mine once spent about 30k Icon_minitimeWed Jul 09, 2008 10:57 pm

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My name is John, I and a friend of mine once spent about 30k
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